Staff comp being held one week before comp at Big Cube Bash 2017 amid controversy

At Big Cube Bash 2017, being held in Newark, New Jersey, USA on May 13th, 2017, Eric Zhao (the organizer) has decided to hold a staff competition 1 week before the actual competition, around Friday night to Sunday night at the Chipotle near his residence. This has gotten approval from the WCA board, who approved this on a vote of 3-2. Eric Zhao stated he couldn’t hold it before the competition because the Chipotle wasn’t available to do it the staff competition closely before the competition. This means that the solves of the staff at the staff competition before the competition offer them opportunities to qualify for events at US Nationals 2017, which has its qualification deadline ending at Monday, May 8, 2017. This also means that the people going to the staff competition will be able to get qualifying solves for US Nationals 2017, unlike the people not going to the staff competition. The reasoning being this controversial decision is that “if Nationals can hold the staff competition, then why can’t this competition do it too? it has a reasonable reason for holding it before the US Nationals 2017 qualification deadline, which is the lack of venue availability”.


Kevin Hays announces he will be quitting cubing for the rest of the year


Just this morning, Kevin Hays announced on his Facebook that he will be quitting cubing for the rest of the year. He said he will be making a video about this soon. We suspect that this means he won’t be getting records anytime soon. This is a very sad day for cubing.

Chris Olson has a PhD and no knees

The famous cuber YouTuber (Chris Olson/cyotheking) who is known for his high quality cubing videos and his 2×2 world records has just been confirmed to have a PhD and no knees. This astounding information was just found out today when a member of our news team decided to search “Chris Olson” on YouTube after hearing about his legendary AoShi unboxing. Featured as suggestions when the words “Chris Olson” were entered into the YouTube search bar were “Chris Olson has no knees” and “Chris Olson PhD”. We believe this to be confirmation that Chris Olson has a PhD and no knees. We don’t know what this means for Chris Olson in the future, but we believe he may come out with a video about how he has a PhD and no knees.



Gans Helium set for release in 2017

Gans has recently made a very exciting announcement about their new cube called “Gan Helium” on their Facebook page (the post now seems to have been deleted). In the post, they said it features “inner circle corner feet”, which seems to a modification of their squared-off corner design. They also stated that the cube will float and remain stationary in midair, due to the shells of the corner and edge pieces being ultrapacked with helium. It features a revolutionary stabilizer in the core which will prevent it from rising or falling on its own, powered by a small p675 battery. It also has magnets with adjustable strength; this was designed in collaboration with Chris Tran of Cubicle Labs. Lastly, Gans seems like it might do a branding change, as the cube has a new blue-purple logo on it. The post said that the cube is slated for release on the day of January 1st, 2017. When reached for comment, Mr. Gan blocked us when we asked why the post disappeared. We screenshotted a picture of the cube before the post was deleted.